Initiating Collaboration of Digikala and Rokoland

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Walmart Grocery Delivery
July 18, 2018
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آغاز همکاری دیجی کالا و رو کولند

دیجی کالا و رو کولند

Monday, July 25, 2013 The digikala group described its plans for food and other fast-moving products at a news conference titled "Initiating Collaboration between digikala and Rokoland."

a news conference held at the ECO Cultural Institute in Tehran, outlined the goals of the digikala for introducing this area of ​​products, and the prospects for this activity were announced to the media.

  • digikala OBJECTIVES TO INTRODUCE FAST QUALITY CONSUMPTION OF FMCG. Achieving the vision of the digikala Group to become a destination for all users' needs, incorporating digikala into the daily lives of the user, creating a new and integrated experience of online shopping and supporting Iranian brands active in this Field.
  • This area has a lot of complications for the digital world, and the complex challenges of online sales of high-quality food products have made it possible to enter it. If successful in this field, digikala will be one of the few successful global examples.
  • In order to enter this area, digikala decided to start cooperation with one of the most popular online food brands that its founders were among the country's most active food industry players. Rokoland today is one of the popular brands and the largest online food store in the country, which is regarded as a pleasing customer experience. We hope that synergy and the use of the experiences and capacities of the two sets will lead to the creation of a new user experience and a more enjoyable purchase. The Rokoland joining the digikala Group and expanding its infrastructure and creating a special food transportation fleet in the digikala Group provided the opportunity for a fast three-hour delivery of 10,000 kinds of fresh food products to customers in Tehran in the year 1397, and we hope that soon We also made this possible in other parts of the country.
  • Future plans and goals of the two groups include the development of the logistics industry and food packaging in the country, the provision of marketing services to food brands, helping R & D teams of the country's food industry based on assessing the tastes and needs of customers, helping to grow Exports of food products, direct and immediate supply of organic products and other agricultural and protein products, and ultimately the most important perspective of this cooperation, is to realize the dream of an Iranian farmer for direct and immediate supply of his products to the final consumer.

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