About Spot Brand | Saman Pouyesh Tamin Company

Spot Company was established in 2016 as a subsidiary of Golrang Industrial Group with the aim of supplying and equipping retail stores. After a short time and gaining up-to-date knowledge in this field on the one hand, and getting aware of the needs of the industry in various fields of equipping all kinds of warehouses, on the other hand, Spot company has expanded its activities and designed and produced all kinds of warehouse maintenance equipment, especially e-commerce warehouses, transportation and logistics warehouse services, and warehousing.

Employers’ need to receive consultation from people with sufficient knowledge in the field of store design made Spot Company add consulting and design services to their activities.

Today, shortly after the organization’s inception, Spot Company has tried to establish itself as one of the leading organizations in the retail industry by applying its active and dynamic human resources and the use of modern technology and knowledge.

The consulting field can be restricted to store design in Spot Company. Other fields such as types of warehouse design, supply, and equipment of store and warehouse, business start-up consulting, especially in the field of retail as well as training courses tailored to the needs of activists can also be used in this company.


Spot company tries to become the market leader in the store design and equipment, warehouse equipment, consulting and start of the store and consulting franchise in Iran and the region. In this regard, Spot Company pursues the following goals:

  • The Best Quality
  • The best performance and the highest level of service
  • Innovation and intelligent systems
  • Continuous and lasting development
  • Social, economic and environmental responsibilities should be observed to achieve sustainable business.


As a leading company in the field of store design and equipment, warehouse equipment, consulting and start of the store and consulting franchise, Spot Company follows the highest level of standards to have the best performance in gaining and increasing customer and stakeholder satisfaction. Therefore, Spot Company has tried to include “comprehensive quality, customer and stakeholder satisfaction, creativity, growth and innovation, research and development, observance of health, safety and growth of manpower and observance of economic and environmental responsibilities from the early stages of production and ideation, design to after-sales service. The mission of Spot Company is to be the first choice of customers. Therefore, Spot has pursued the following organizational values to achieve the basics of standards and principles:

Following the Environmental Regulations

  • Preventing, controlling and reducing environmental pollutants and following the relevant environmental laws and regulations such as ISO14001: 2015
  • Manufacturing  products with the highest level of productivity and energy savings
  • Being among leading companies in training employees and customers in creating sustainability

Increase in productivity, budget, and entrepreneurship

  • Investment and market development in domestic and foreign markets
  • Increase in the quality of products and services by establishing an integrated management system (IMS) at all levels of the organization
  • Identifying economic opportunities, creating new businesses and companies, innovating in utilizing identified opportunities for business development and creating job opportunities

Growth and Innovation

  • By using a unique design, efficient research and development, creativity and innovation in all sections and efficient use of challenges as an opportunity for growth, Spot Company has provided a unique customization platform by having a wide range of products and services for customers to meet the needs of customers at the highest level.
  • Spot’s special attention to continuous growth and productivity by creating the appropriate infrastructure and platform for optimal use of resources, machinery and equipment, and increasing productivity and synchronizing with the latest technology to achieve market leadership position.
  • Managing Knowledge and ensuring knowledge protection and information security of customers and the organization as business support in achieving sustainable competitive advantages

Observance and Preservation of Human Dignity

  • Attention to customer satisfaction, reliability and preservation by identifying and meeting the actual and potential needs and desires of customers
  • Attention to increase in the amount of knowledge, growth, learning, cooperation, and integration among employees and attempt to empower them as the most valuable assets of the organization
  • Spot’s following of OHSAS 18001 and ISO 45001 in accordance with the relevant occupational safety and health rules and regulations; preventing injuries and occupational hazards, reducing occupational diseases and maintaining the dignity of the human resources.